Arizona families continue the fight for school choice for all students.


Phoenix, AZ (November 7, 2018) Last night, Arizona failed to pass Proposition 305, which would have expanded Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program to all students. Governor Doug Ducey had signed a universal ESA expansion bill last year, but opponents of school choice opposed the measure and referred it to the statewide ballot. 

“For families on the ESA program, it has been amazing for our kids. We have seen how successful the current ESA program is and are disappointed about this set-back. However, we will continue to fight for school choice in Arizona because every child should have options for a great education,” ESA parent and Yes for Ed member Jenny Clark.

Yes for Ed would like to thank all of the families and supporters that voted and advocated for Prop 305. We look forward to continuing to work on school choice initiatives with you.

Governor Ducey Urges a Yes Vote on Proposition 305

Phoenix, AZ (October 12, 2018) The Yes for Ed AZ committee is pleased to have Governor Doug Ducey’s support of Proposition 305. Governor Ducey has been a consistent advocate of providing the best educational opportunities to Arizona’s students. Today, he issued the following statement in support of Prop 305.

“I would encourage all Arizonans to vote ‘yes’ on Prop 305. Through the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, thousands of Arizona students have benefited from an education that is customized to their unique educational needs and circumstances. Prop 305 is fiscally responsible, improves accountability and transparency, prioritizes low-income students and families and does not raise taxes. When parents have options, kids win.”

Early ballots for the upcoming General Election will begin arriving in households today. The Yes for Ed AZ committee encourages you to vote Yes on Prop 305! Remember to mail in your early ballot by October 31st or get out and vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th.